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Welcome to Doleo

Doleo Fiction Podcast is the audiodrama presentation of an original work of gritty vigilante/superhero fiction steeped in realism. Click the image to be routed to the Podcast.

Doleo - Movie Trailer 

Born with a rare genetic disorder, Ryder Daniels slowly discovers the vast potential hidden within his brutal disease. Only by embracing what makes him different, can the man without pain overcome the crime and injustice plaguing his city.

Presenting, the Movie Trailer for Doleo - Fiction Podcast, made entirely from stock footage, edited and narrated by Josh Cantin and Jared Cantin. Please check it out.

The Creative Team

Jared L. Cantin: Author/Producer
Joshua Cantin: Narrator/Audio Production

Born in the small town of Berwick, ME, Joshua and Jared grew up on an unhealthy diet of superhero movies and violent 80's action films.  The result of that shared experience, coupled with a mutual appreciation for writing, technology, and storytelling of all kinds, led to the birth of DOLEO. A modestly powered, but gritty vigilante superhero that tells a story with the violence, pacing, and occasional absurdity of an 80s action film, but the nuance and tenderness of an underdog story we can all relate to. 

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