The Doleo Team

Learn a little about our creative team.

Born and raised in Maine,  Jared was a strange child with an overactive imagination, fascination with the impossible, and addiction to 80s action movies. Despite his preference for the abstract, In 2004, Jared graduated from law school and has labored through for fifteen plus years in the legal/business industry. 

At some point, Jared's fascination with story telling took over, and he published a book with Cornerstone Publishing , titled Jagger Time Served. While that remains one of his most cherished personal accomplishments, the end product didn't exactly reflect the vision Jared had conjured in his mind - largely of his own failing. Upon finishing his third manuscript. DOLEO, Jared wanted to pursue a creative vision that would fully embrace his personal psychosis, penchant for written violence, and fascination with underdog stories.  Enter Jared's brother Josh, our narrator and audio production genius; for the conclusion to this story, please read his bio.

Born and raised in Maine, Josh was a quiet child with an overactive imagination, fascination with video games and technology, and an unhealthy addiction to 80s action movies equal to that of his brother. His preference for solitude led him to study history, where he thrived, earning his masters degree. He parlayed that education into a career in government service, where he still works.

At some point, near the time Jared conjured up his idea for Doleo Fiction Podcast, Josh kicked off a youtube page, honing his video editing skills via smart-alecky gaming videos. This development was fortuitous for Jared, who conned Josh into agreeing to not only narrate, but also edit, and sound produce an approximate 30 Episode Season 1. After testing his skills at the mic, Josh emitted confidence:

"The prologue is quite good and had me interested in where the story is going. However, narrating an audiobook is a lot harder than I realized. Quite frankly, I'm not good at it."  

Twenty plus episodes later, here we are.